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Cardamom, a ginger guinea pig with pink eyes, inside a pink guinea pig dome with lucerne on top. I know, it must be about a year since I blogged about my gorgeous ginger guinea pigs. Goodness me.

Today marks two years since I brought them home. Pepper was pretty scared of humans. Cardamom was fiercely protective of her daughter. Now, Pepper has blossomed into a far more comfortable little creature. Cardamom is, well, still very protective, but it’s been a good year since she gave up glaring at me every time I picked up Pepper. I have remained a very lucky human throughout.

They had a bath today – two years ago, they would have been very, very angry – so here they are, all shiny and clean.

Cardamom, as you can see, remains gently tolerant of my inexplicable human behaviours, including that metal camera thing. She still seems to be under the impression that I am a human child for whom she is responsible, and will put her paw in my hand when I am feeling sad. She squeaks at me very measuredly, dispensing what I am sure is very sensible advice, if only I could understand it.

Pepper, a ginger guinea pig with brown eyes, beside a pink guinea pig dome with lucerne on top.

As for little miss Pepper Pig, I located her behind her little castle today. She enjoys hiding there, and in tunnels, and under her mother. She also had a health scare a couple of weeks ago, which was terrifying. The vet says that it’s probably not going to be an issue, but I’m keeping an eye on her. She didn’t seem to understand why she was getting extra food and attention, but she politely accepted them. She’s fine, and her vet and mother and human are going to ensure that she stays that way.

The humans celebrated the piggiversary with cake, of which the Spice Girls were not allowed a slice.