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A black, grey, and white guinea pig approaches the camera while two ginger guinea pigs hang back. It’s well past time for a guinea pig update. Here are Pepper and Cardamom… and who is this young lady?! It is my sweetheart’s guinea pig, examining my phone while the lady pumpkins hang back. (Three guesses how my sweetheart and I became sweethearts.) She and Pepper have become fast friends – perhaps I should say co-conspirators, because they have learned to coordinate a squeak chorus when it is time for food. The other day I barricaded myself in the kitchen so I wouldn’t have my heart squelched while I was preparing food.

A small ginger guinea pig, Pepper, sits framed in grass, her mother behind her. As for Miss Pepper Pig herself, here she is enjoying grass time with her mother. She is a grown up now, and is looking more like Cardamom all the time. I mentioned in May that she was having interesting health times: she has a benign tumour that I am having to keep a close eye on, which she finds very annoying. She’s happy and well, and the tumour is in a spot that doesn’t cause her discomfort, so life is largely going on as usual for Pepper.

Cardamom, a ginger guinea pig, sits framed in grass with her child behind her. Cardamom very kindly posed for this, perhaps recognising that this phone thing also takes pictures, or perhaps expecting a phone call from my mother (they talk all the time, it is the best). Cardamom has also had health issues, but I don’t think she’d appreciate me blogging about them, and she is just fine now. She is a very resilient and brave lady. She is also a champion lawn mower – she snapped up that big blade of grass in the front of the photograph soon after I took the picture.

They are lovely, and happy with all the grass in their latest home (yes, I moved again a few months ago), and delighted to have a new friend.

Pepper and Cardamom, two ginger guinea pigs, sit framed in grass.