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I realise that I don’t talk about disability very much these days on Zero at the Bone, but it’s something I think about a lot. There are particular kinds of vulnerability and disrespect that run raw there, is why I think about it, why I don’t talk about it. Anyway: there’s a lot happening in my life – I’ve moved again, for instance – and the fatigue and pain factors are running higher. All my brain power and energy is being spent on the daily running of life, and I haven’t enough spare to blog. Tonight I shall try to sit down with a Mills & Boon novel* and have a bit of fun, and give myself a little bit of care. I am very tired, and satisfied with hard work, but it is time to slow the pace now.

Speaking of disability, might I interest you in an article I wrote for Global Comment about the case of Rosie Anne Fulton, an intellectually disabled Aboriginal woman being incarcerated without trial, and the broader disability, racialised, and gendered contexts for this? It’s called The Australian Aboriginal People With Disabilities Being Held In Prison Without Trial.

*I apparently do not seem like the “sort of person” who would read M&B, and indeed I haven’t read a lot of that company’s books before. It was recommended and leant to me by a dear friend who is a diehard romance reader, and I am appreciating seeing her care and thought for what I might like (interesting queer politics! a troubling of historical narratives! a layered dialogue about heterosexual consent!) playing out as the novel unfolds, even while I am having my problems with it. Long story short, I try not to be the sort of person who dismisses genres or cultural products because they are seen as silly and womanly!!