the logo for the Down Under Feminists Carnival - the international symbol for 'female' with the Southern Cross in the centre At her eponymous website, Ana Stevenson presents DUFC #85! She writes:

Welcome to the 85th edition of the Down Under Feminists’ Carnival! This post celebrates the feminist blogging of writers across Australia and New Zealand during May 2015. My thanks to Mary, Rebecca, Scarlett, Chally, and Jess for making submissions, and to all the writers for their wonderful blogging and articles. I have aimed to include as many as possible, under a few key themes: history; feminism and neoliberalism; human rights and social justice; gender and the body; violence; and, finally, media and popular culture.

The next edition of the Down Under Feminists Carnival is planned for 5 July, 2015, and will be hosted by Deborah at A Bee of a Certain Age. Submissions to dfr141 [at] hotmail [dot] com. Submissions must be of posts of feminist interest by writers from Australia and New Zealand that were published in June. Submissions are due on 2 July at the latest, but it’ll be easier on Deborah if you submit sooner rather than later. So submit early and often, please, and spread the word! Check out the Down Under Feminists Carnival homepage for more information.