Here is a collection of feminist blogs and other links of interest. Some of them I read daily, some I only pop in to look at on occasion, but all have some great reading.

Australians and New Zealanders
A Bee of a Certain Age
adelaide from adelaide
A life unexamined
Ariane’s little world
Blogger on the Cast Iron Balcony
blue milk
contradictory multitudes
Double Antandre
Fat Heffalump
Fat Lot of Good
Four Coloured Stripes
Fuck Politeness
Ginger and Honey
Hoyden About Town
I Am Not Cake
Justine Larbalestier
lessons to be learned
lip magazine
Maybe it means nothing
Mim’s Muddle
Musings of an Inappropriate Woman
Penguin unearthed
PhD Research Blog
Pondering Postfeminism
Profligate Promiscuous Strumpet
SAHM Feminist
Something More Than Sides
Spilt Milk
The Dawn Chorus
The Lady Garden
The Naked Philologist
the news with nipples
The View from Down Here
Wildly Parenthetical

Individual thoughts
Adventures of the TV Addict, the Wannabe Writer, and the Should-Be Famous
ham blog
bird of paradox
Consider the Tea Cosy
cripchick’s weblog
elle, phd
feminism + fandom = attitude problem
Jump off the Bridge
kristinking’s Blog
Miss Mary Max
My Ecdysis
Neville Park
Practically Marzipan
Raising My Boychick
random babble
Rebel Raising
Taking Steps
The Curvature
the fatal feminist
the feminist librarian
think on this.
this ain’t livin’
three rivers fog
Trouble is Everywhere
Urocyon’s Meanderings
Wheelchair Dancer

Group blogs
Bitch Magazine
Feminist SF – The Blog!
Geek Feminism
Muslimah Media Watch
Questioning Transphobia
Radical Readers
Sociological Images
The F-Word
Two Women Blogging
Women’s Glib

Something extra:

Some fun:
Cake Wrecks
Disapproving Rabbits

Some good deeds:
Free Rice

Some webcomics:
Daisy Owl
Girls with Slingshots
Gunnerkrigg Court
I Was Kidnapped By Lesbian Pirates From Outer Space!!!
Red String
Riot Nrrd
Sister Claire
Ugly Girl
YU+ME: dream

Some things you should know:

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