Comment Policy

At present, all comments hit the moderation queue before they’re published. It may take me a time to get to your comment. I’m unlikely to approve comments that don’t take into account the following rules.

  • Be respectful: of me, the other visitors, the thread topic, the spirit of the blog. Dissent is welcome, disrespect is not.
  • No “OMG”ing or similar use of people’s deities for the swears. Other than that, I don’t mind a bit of swearing. Watch for oppressive elements in your language, though: I’m going to be uncomfortable with, say, terms with ableist connotations that aren’t being used self-referentially.
  • Sometimes an email is more appropriate than a comment. At those times, I may simply delete your comment, or also email you a response.
  • Don’t post as “Anonymous,” “Anon”, etc. Pseudonyms are encouraged.
  • You should provide a proper email address in the interests of good moderation.
  • Comments must be left on a rainy Tuesday in May while reciting an Emily Dickinson poem, after drinking a nice cup of tea. That’s a joke.

You’re in my space. It’s as though you’re visiting someone’s home. Be nice.

Check back once in a while because this page will keep evolving. If you’re unclear on what’s expected, lurk for a while, here and around the feminist blogosphere; email me (chally dot zeroatthebone at gmail dot com) or see Lifehacker’s guide to weblog comments.

At the end of the day, what I publish is at my discretion. If you follow the above rules, you’ll probably be all right.


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Comment here. Be sure to check the comment policy and note that it may take some time for your comment to be moderated.

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